Ashgrove Pharmacy

Our Services

Ashgrove Pharmacy offers a wide range of services and facilities for you and your family

Dispensing your prescriptions

As well as dispensing your NHS and private prescriptions we can give advice on how best to take your medicines. We can tell you if you can get your prescriptions for free, and help you complete the form on the back. If you have to pay, we will always tell you if the item can be bought for less than the prescription charge.

We carry a wide range of prescription medicines, and we can very quickly get other special medicines that your doctor may prescribe.

Medication Review

We can review your medication with you in our consultation area. This is an opportunity to discuss the purpose, dose, and side-effects of your drugs, so that you get the most benefit from them. Please ask the pharmacist for more information.

Medicine containers

Since medicines began to be supplied in baby-proof containers many thousands of accidental poisonings have been avoided, and so we dispense your tablets and capsules in these. If these special tops are difficult for you to open, please ask us to use an alternative. Remember though that it is important to keep all medicines out of children’s reach.



Patient medication records

With your permission we will keep a record of all your prescriptions on our computer: this will allow us to give you advice about the medicines that you take. It also means that we can check that any new drugs you are prescribed, or wish to buy, do not conflict with either your existing medication or any allergies you have told us of.

In addition to any standard warnings with which we label your medicines, the records allow us to give you more detailed advice about any precautions you need to take. Your records are completely confidential and can only viewed by the dispensary staff, and never passed to anyone without your permission. A password is needed to view the information, and the computer is never connected to the Internet so that the information is kept secure.

Repeat prescription collection service

We can often arrange to collect your repeat prescription from the doctor’s surgery and have it dispensed and ready for you to collect. This will save you making a journey to the surgery yourself. Please ask for more details.

Advice on minor illness

Our pharmacist or trained chemist staff are always available to advise you on how to treat minor illness. A separate consultation area is available should you wish to discuss any matters in private. We can determine if your condition may be treated with one of a wide range of effective medicines which you can buy over the counter, or if you need to be referred to your doctor or other healthcare professional.

Complimentary medicines

The pharmacist and dispensary staff are experienced in the prescribing and use of our wide range of complimentary medicines. The range includes homeopathy, aromatherapy, Bach flower remedies and “herbal” medicines. Just as with any other medicines, we can help you to select the right treatment for your condition, to use it correctly, and to be aware of any possible side-effects.

Disposal of medicines

It is important to safely dispose of all unwanted medicines. Out of date medicines should not be used and if unused medicines are allowed to accumulate it is possible to take the wrong one by mistake. We will accept any medicines that you no longer need and get rid of them safely for you. Independence at home We can supply a wide range of home health products designed to make life easier.

Support stockings, support tights and trusses

We have male and female staff who have trained to measure and fit all types of support stockings and trusses. Where necessary these will be made to measure for you.

Health & Safety

Whether you are a family or a business we can provide for your health & safety needs. Whether you want a small box of plasters or large first-aid equipment we can supply it all. Our pharmacy staff will be happy to help you assess your need and supply what you want to protect you and your family, or to comply with Health & Safety at Work regulations.

Healthcare equipment

We can supply a wide range of healthcare equipment including blood-pressure meters, diabetic glucose monitors and nebulisers to help with asthma and other breathing disorders. You cannot get them on the NHS but you can buy them from us and you may be eligible to purchase some items free of VAT. Our staff will be happy to advise you and to demonstrate their use.

If something goes wrong

If you are unhappy with our goods or services, please ask to speak to Chris or Jenny Howland-Harris. In the unlikely event that your complaint cannot be resolved in the pharmacy, and relates to our professional services, you can write to The Healthcare Commission at Finsbury Tower, 103-105 Bunhill Row, London, EC1Y 8TG, (Tel: 0207 448 9200). You can also contact the Healthcare Commission if you have a complaint about your Doctor, Nurse, Hospital or any NHS service. There is also a free service to give you help and support called the Independent Complaints Advocacy Service on 0845 120 3782.